Massage pedicure chair

  • P528 American hot selling luxury pedicure chairs
  • P528 American hot selling luxury pedicure chairs
P528 American hot selling luxury pedicure chairsP528 American hot selling luxury pedicure chairs

P528 American hot selling luxury pedicure chairs

  • tapping massage
  • fiberglass base
  • pedicure foot SPA
  • MOQ:2PCS
  • Product description: massage luxury pedicure spa

P528 luxury pedicure chairs

1)Luxury  massage chair with Control remoter
Back recliner 90°-160 °  Voltage: 110-220V
2)Fiberglass base in Black /White
3)glass bowl
4)7 color Led light
5)Silver faucet
6)UL whirlpool jet
7)Adjustable Stainless steel+PU footrest

8)Arms with cup holder

People often ask

What is pedicure chair?
Pedicure chair is a type of seating primarily used in spas and nail salons which is specially designed and engineered to facilitate foot care,allowing a technician to wash the feet,move dead skin and tend to nail care.

Custom Made Service
Various Sink options in fiberglass/glass/cremic and various color
Various leather colors for seating

WHY are you choosing a luxury pedicure spa to your salon service?
There is a big difference in investment for a salon that provides add-on services.and creates a luxury spa experience for their clients. A larger investment allows for a more luxurious experience and a higher price tage on your service.

Quality of a high end pedicure spa chair.
It is essential to purchase a high quality pedicure chair if you want a comfortable,long-lasting unit that will give you your money's worth. An important factor during this purchasing process is choosing a reputable,experienced,professional manufacturer makes exceptional products.

What's the difference between Plumbing VS No Plumbing
It is essential to fully understand and know ahead of your purchase if you are looking for a pedicure spa that requires plumbing, no plumbing, or is portable. Most of us are not stylists and plumbers – so what’s the difference? A no plumbing pedicure chair is a stationary unit that requires the nail technician to physically fill and remove the water in the removable pedicure bowl.On the other hand, a classic spa-style plumbed unit is stationary and is connected to the water line. If choosing a plumbed unit, make sure it is a pipeless pedicure chair for sanitation purposes.

Knowing the warranty on the pedicure spa you are going to purchase is essential in understanding the quality of the product and the manufacturer. Never buy anything with less than a 1-year warranty on parts – there is no warranty for a reason! 
Once you know the warranty and make your purchase, make sure a licensed plumber installs your spa pedicure chair! This is an essential step in case there’s a problem with your pedicure chair down the road, as most manufacturers will request 
a licensed plumbing receipt from the install for your warranty to be valid.

Installation Sheet
Contact us for professional installatin sheet once you made purchase.

What is Delivery time?
Produce time 2 weeks plus shipping time 4-5 weeks.

What's the packaging? Is it safety for long trip?
Pedicure chair in K/D packing inner packing box with sponge and outter with plywood frame or box for safety protection.

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